AGI background

The Adolescent Girls Initiative commonly known as Economic Empowerment of Adolescent Girls and Young Women Project is program supported by a Multi-Donor Trust Fund for Adolescent Girls and implemented by the Government of Rwanda, Ministry for Gender and Promotion of Family (MIGEPROF), the Workforce Development Authority (WDA), and the Imbuto Foundation.
The project has three components namely skills development and entrepreneurship support, which is designed to assist 2700 adolescent girls and young women of 16-24 in the district of Gasabo,Kicukiro, Rulindo and Gicumbi to enable them establish themselves in profitable small enterprises. The intervention equips the beneficiaries with a set of technical, business and life skills along with institutional and psycho-social support and mentorship.
This component of the project begins with an intensive two-week induction covering: teambuilding, communication, basic literacy and numeracy, and an orientation to the project as a whole and training options. Here the beneficiaries select training area between culinary arts, food processing, agri-business, and arts and crafts. 
The induction is followed by a 6 month of training at a vocational training center, Girls who complete the skills training receive support to help them establish their own business and enterprises, including formation of cooperatives, links to business mentors, and access to microfinance.  At the end of the project, every girl who successfully completed the program will receive a graduate certificate.
Girls and young women finish the training with the capacity to start up Income Generating Activities and it also means that the girls who never had hope at all, now have employable skills.