15 students graduated from WDA’s photo Journalism educations

Friday 10 August 2018, A bunch of 15 students graduated with vast practically skills in eighth edition of two months trainings of photojournalism courses throughout National Employment Program (NEP) of Workforce Development Authority (WDA).

Six girls with nine boys have been undertaking the trainings looking forward to acquire the practical and competent skills on the labour market that will enable them to create their own jobs or beating the labor market skills demand.

“The photography skills we have acquired are enabler for us to up beating the labour market demand,” said Josephine Kabaganwa, one of the graduates.

NEP is a five-year program, designed to create new jobs and to enhance the productivity of existing jobs through equipping people with productive skills and promoting entrepreneurship and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) growth.

According to the National Employment program over 200 students have already trained in the photography career, and they have been tapping into the labour market, with some creating their own jobs while others hired with the established enterprises.

“These trainings are of high standard that government catered for the people to acquire the practical skills. Thanks to the trainings, within the previous intakes, some have set up their own photography studios while their colleagues are employed within the country’s media houses,” said Abdallah Nzabandora, the national coordinator of National Employment Program. 

According to Nzabandora, the country’s ambitions have determined to equipping the workforce with vital skills and attitude for increased productivity that are needed for the private sector growth and training and facilitating young people to creating their own jobs.

The training midpointꟷ Kigali Today, which has outfitted the training, has committed to offering the internship and occupation opportunities to some of these trainees thanks to the initiatives and skills they have shown in these trainings.

More photos from the event: 
The male graduates lined for the photo with their trainers after the closure of the two months training