Djibouti delegates in country to learn on TVET sector

Workforce Development Authority officials and Djibouti delegates posed for a group photo

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has shared the constant role of country’s Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector to addressing youth employability problems with Djibouti nationals.

Through the partnership with Rwanda Education development Center, the Djibouti national delegates from education; private and public sectors has embarked on erudition visit in the country to learning on the country’s TVET sector perfection.

According to the members of delegation, it was so ample to come in Rwanda for learning on the country’s exemplary rapidly developing TVET sector in equipping future minds with practical skills, under which the country has been putting much emphasis on strongly developing the TVET schools in bide of having the strong TVET sector.

The Djibouti and Rwanda’s partnership has been focusing on youth employability through Huguka Dukore in which APAFORME, a parent association aims at empowering youth through technical trainings with end results that are employability, is implementing.

Through the program, APAFORME is currently training more than 250 youth in technical trainings namely motor vehicle mechanics, tailoring, hairdressing and culinary arts studyings.

According to the official figures, under the program more than 2, 000 youth have trained so far in different technical undertakings and now contributing to their personal development and that of the country’s.

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