KOICA to extend management technical support to every IPRC

KOIKA and government of Rwanda pose for gRoup photo last week after the launch of RTTI

Korea International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) committed more support on technical support for the Technical Vocation Education and Skills (TVET) Schools to integrating competence-based trainings into TVET sector.

Throughout TVET Technical Assistance Pool Fund-TVET TAPF, KOICA has to tap into providing technical assistance beside the long-standing financial cooperation with Rwandan TVET sector to advancing the quality of education provided into the schools.

Following the two successful completed partnership phases, KOICA and Rwanda Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) sector committed to bolstering their cooperation in technical assistance and collaboration.

According to the KOICA officials, throughout TVET Technical Assistance Pooled Fund-TVET TAPF, they spearheaded the integration and utilization of competence-based training and assessment into TVET schools incorporated in 2015.

“Under the program, we are to providing technical assistance and financial support to the TVET sector. We will be training trainers of trainers through RTTI (Rwanda TVET trainer Institute), monitoring coach the TVET schools as the quality management is concerned by training their managers and upgrading TVET management system,” said Youn Young Joon, the TVET  Technical Assistance Pooled Found program manager.

According to Joon, the decision of putting much emphasis on aggregating their support into the quality and TVET schools management has been drown from the yearly inspection carried out in the TVET schools to assess the management of the schools that has found many schools with poor quality management.

“Every year, we conduct quality audit within all TVET schools and unfortunately some schools have not really management skills including human resources management, financial management among others,” said Youn.

KOICA officials said the support is to be extended to other TVET schools, from Kigali Integrated Polytechnic Regional Center that the two successfully concluded phases were mainly focusing on.