KWIBUKA24: Umwalimu Sacco join WDA to mourn the 1994 genocide against the Tustis’ victims

Laurence Uwambaje, the head of Umwalimu Sacco and the Jerome Gasana during the commemoration event

Tuesday April 10th, the Umwalimu Sacco officials and the Workforce Development Authority (WDA) officers have come together to mourn the victims of 1994 genocide against Tutsis.

Within this commemorating occasion, the discussion was held, tackling different components of the theme for this year; Remember-Unite-Renew.

Bernadette Nikuze, the WDA official, shared typical of the 1994 genocide against Tutsis and the role of the preserving its features.

WDA officials said that though the military in general docketed with the responsibility to protecting the people, the then army has participated in carrying out the massacres.  

“The army have the role of defending and protecting the population, but the then army championed and carried out the massacres to the targeted group of Tutsis,” said Nikuze.

The officials thanked the current leadership in Rwanda and the Rwanda Defense Force, Arme Patriotique Rwande by then for their extraordinary bravery commitment to deliberating the country and the population that was under attack.

The officials commended to preserving the 1994 genocide against Tutsi’s features and memory in way of helping to prevent further genocides and enabling educators to use them to teach younger generation.

Rwanda and the world continue with various commemoration activities to dignifying the victims of genocide, consoling the survivors perpetrated against Tutsi among others.