Ministry of education has launched Quality Education Awareness Campaign

Ministry of education (MINEDUC) in collaboration with its affiliated agencies, Rwanda Education Board (REB), Workforce Development Authority (WDA) and Higher Education Counselor (HEC) has launched a continuous education quality improvement campaign in all districts across the country.
Under the theme of Good Learning Methods, Cultural Values, Information Communication Technology (ICT) and Innovation Promotion are the Foundations of Quality Education, officials said the campaign intends to reinforce awareness of District Education Officers, Sector Education Officers, Head teachers and all education stakeholders to mitigate education issues that impede the quality of education.
Director General of Workforce Development together with ministry of education officials visited Ecole Primaire Kirengo and Muhororo secondary school.
The third phase, which slated in between September 10th until September 21, targets 900 schools, 30 schools in each district from primary, general secondary, Technical Vocational and Educational Trainings schools and Higher Learning Institutions.

According to the arrangement, the schools that were not visited in the last campaigns and TVET schools will be focused on.

According to the officials, the campaign will be much focusing on the mitigation of the school dropout and repetition, weak School Management and Leadership, ineffective use of ICT in Education, poor school hygiene and sanitation, inadequate qualification of some teachers in relation to their teaching subjects.

The ministry officials said there will be carrying out regular school inspections to assess the impact of the campaign. 

Within the exercises, the Ministry of Education will involve every stakeholder including Local Government Leaders, Private Sector, Religious Leaders, Non-government Organizations, and School General Assembly Committees, Security organs, Head teachers’ representatives and key Opinion Leaders to ensure that everyone is on-board and owns the campaign to improve the quality of education in Rwanda.


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