New module to induce more girls in TVET Schools

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) together with its partners on gender mainstreaming in Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) have last Friday started developing the new module that will see the numbers of girls in TVET growing.
According to the experts coming from the Institutions that watch over the gender mainstreaming, the module is intend to induce more girls in the TVET sector as they will be given a chance of showcasing their potentials in sector.
Rosette Nkundimfura, the Gender Mainstreaming officer at the Ministry of Gender and Family Promotion (MIGEPROF) said that among the key that would be addressed under the new module is to tacking the mindset that associate the TVET with female.
“With the new module, girls will be encouraged to join the trades that are currently dominated by boys because of society unfortunate mindset that associates TVET sector with boys,” said Nkundimfura.
According to the government officials, the new efforts will see the numbers of girls in TVET growing and upbeating the targeted 50 per cent of female in TVET by few years coming from the current 42 per cent.
New module to induce more girls in TVET Schools
The Module elaboration has brought together the officials from Rwanda polytechnic (RP), which oversee the Integrated Polytechnics and Regional Centers and the representative of private sector among others.

According to the officials, the numbers of female students in the TVET schools have been growing, thanks to the government efforts and mobilization.

Besides to that, Nkundimfura says that in order to reach this target there should be the collaboration with other concerned institutions and there is need to introducing the  of TVET girls’ schools, which will motivate them.

We are considering the plan of  building more TVET schools for girls, well equipped  like that one of Nyanza and this will really induce them,” said  Golden Bamwine, the Gender mainstreaming focal person in Rwanda Polytechnic (RP).

However, the experts said there is a need for leaders and parents to change their mindset associating TVET schools with only male students and start encouraging girls to join TVET schools, as they are as competent as their brothers are.

Bamwine said that the TVET sector plan to enrolling school managers on the matter to bolstering gender in their schools undertaking.