Rwanda’s TVET Schools have marked great progress

TEVT schools in Rwanda have made remarkable progress, said Dr James Gashumba, the vice chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic, adding that there is no difference between those who have studied in Europe and those of IPRC-Tumba.
Dr. Gashumba said that those who have studied in Europe don’t have skills than those who study in Rwandan IPRCs
Dr Gashumba hailed the progress during the sixth Joint Coordination Committee (JCC) for the JICA Project for Strengthening the capacity of Tumba College of Technology (TCT) Phase 2, that has taken place in Kigali looking the achievements in 10 years of partisanship.
“When I visited IPRC-Tumba, I was surprised with the innovations they have developed. I have been in Europe for many years and I know different schools where they teach technology but their students are not better than our students,” said Gashumba.
Students of TSS Rubengera in carpentry workshop

According to Gashumba, IPRC Tumba has developed various including the environment friendly cooking stoves as well as energy sources, robots, sharing with communities the bio-mass technology and  agro-processing developments among others.

In helping communities, to provide on-the-job training to the students and to get their own income, IPRC has started an initiative to collect old computers from government institutions refurbish them and donate them to secondary schools.

Thanks to the IPRC Tumba’s course, Dr. Gashumba said that those who have studied in Europe don’t have skills than those who study in IPRC Tumba.

In the first  project started  2007, JICA focused on equipping IPRC Tumba with the necessary resources to become an effective A1 level institution that provides practical technical education and training students with relevant skills needed to positively transform industries and society.

Thanks to the JICA’s contribution, Eng. Rita Clemence Mutabazi, the principle of IPRC Tumba said that the employers are have been hailed the level of IPRC graduates and is something they are proud of.


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JICA has been supporting IPRC Tumba for almost 10 years in various aspects.