Rwanda gets its first TVET Trainer Institute

Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute to accommodating trainings for trainers in the TVET schools

Rwanda get first institutes providing professional and pedagogical training to Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET) trainers.

Through Korean International Cooperation Agency (KOICA) support, Rwanda has been unveiled with a new, full and ready for utilization facility for training trainers in the TVET schools that intend to develop highly skilled youth necessary to achieve our country’s goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy.

Hon. Mikyung Lee, the president of the KOICA, believes in the better contribution of the center in naturing the better practical skills with teachers in TVET schools through ministry of education in consideration of the vision of Rwanda, the level economic changing and the labor market.

“We believe the support will help to achieve goal number nine of SDGs goal namely promoting a sustaining economic growth, productive employment and quality jobs,” said Hon. Mikyung.

The government of Rwanda lauded support in fostering the students in TVET sector with the required skills on the labor market.

Rt. Hon. Eduard Ngirente, the prime minister who presided over the inauguration, said that he believes in crucial role of the facility in the development of highly skilled youth necessary to achieve our country’s goal of becoming a knowledge-based economy.

“Rwanda TVET trainer Institutes will play a key role in increasing the number of youth with appropriate skills to labor market demand that will Rwanda to realize its target,” said Hon. Ngirente.

In bide of meeting the target of development of hands-on skills workforce, Rwanda has introduced a competence-based curriculum. However, Hon. Ngirenet said for teachers up beating the curriculum their capacity need to be developed through in service educations.

“In order to address the challenges of mismatch the labor market demand, the government of Rwanda plan to increase the proportion students pursuing TVET from 46.2 per cent of 2016 to 60 per cent by 2024. This youth with hands-on skills will also help Rwanda to reach its targets under the made in Rwanda policy. However, this will be realized with TVET sector being upgraded into Technological Competence Centers to train fresh university graduates to different priorities industry sector needs,” said Hon. Ngirente.

Adding to that, Rt. Hon. Ngirente recognized the Korea support in education and naturing practical skills with the Rwanda youth.

KOICA proclaimed a joint planned support with the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) to involve in supporting young people find jobs or creating their own business under the Youth Konnect Initiative to start 2019.

The $ 6.05 million facility with full modern training classrooms, equipment, materials, library, ICT labs, restaurant and accommodations, has under the pilots phase, trained 49 trainers where by six national master trainers have been trained and certified.  

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Rt. Hon. Eduard Ngirente, prime minister of Republic of Rwanda, the president of KOICA, Hon. Mikyung Lee and other officials presided over the inauguration