TVET graduates urged to contributing to the social and economic transformation of the nation

Graduates from vocational and technical courses have been called upon to use their skills to contributing to the social and economic transformation of the nation.

A total of 1, 882 students who has on Thursday conferred upon diploma degrees in different programmes during the 1st graduation ceremony of students from eight Integrated Polytechnic Regional Centres (IPRCs) under the Rwanda Polytechnic, have been urged to become public servants. 

“You are going out in the world of work to become first and foremost the public servants, even if you will be working for yourself   or as CEOs (Chief Executive Officers) of big companies, you are there to serve public,” Dr. James Gashumba, the Vice Chancellor of Rwanda Polytechnic, warned the graduates.

In a colorful ceremony that take place at Kicuiro stadium in IPRC Kigali, the graduates who were decorates in the graduation gowns counseled to never give up on their dream as they get their hands on the degrees, which will play as the key to open for them many doors. 

“Never give up keep on anything you are trying to do. Keep chasing your dreams. Today the diploma you get is key that all open many doors, take steps and walk through those open doors,” he added.

Roge Karangwa, the graduat, who spoke on behalf his fellow graduates requested government and the private sector to easy the process of getting the sponsorship on the startup companies, which are mostly created by students from IPRCs.

“Graduates from TVET institutions are eager to start their own business throughout creating professional companies, but their progress and sustainability depends on the support from different stakeholders who understand the existence of TVET,” said Karangwa.

The Minister of education Dr. Eugene Mutimura ensured the continuance government support towards the sector as it has momentum for becoming machinery in drive of changing Rwanda the industrial hub for the region.

“We are quite aware that his excellence the president of republic is committed to Rwanda industrial transformation to ensure that Rwanda become the regional technology hub and global business in various sector,” said Dr. Mutimura.

According to Dr. Mutimura there is no doubt that the graduates who graduated are going to be successful innovators and entrepreneurs to contribute into the social and economic transformation of the nation.

The graduates are coming from IPRC Musanze and Gishari from Norther provice, IPRC Ngoma and Gishari from Eastern province, IPRC Karongi in western province, IPRC Kigali in the city of Kigali, and IPRC Huye and Kitabi from southern province.

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Minister of education together with officials from the affiliated bodies