VTCs to go under direct control of district authorities

The Ministry of Education through WDA on Thursday held a meeting with district Vice Mayors in charge of social affairs and district directors of education to discuss sustainability of new policies. The new policies include the transfer of direct control of Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) from WDA to district authorities.
Vice Mayors & district directors of education
The meeting that was chaired by the Minister of State in charge of TVET Olivier Rwamukwaya who said that starting with July 2017 districts will take over staff recruitment in VTCs, payment of salaries, evaluation on performance contracts, among other responsibilities.
The Vice mayors and district directors of education were briefed on current status in the implementation of competency-based curricula in TVET schools. They were urged to help in monitoring the full implementation especially in schools that have not done so from the time they were rolled out in January 2017.
Director General of WDA Jerome Gasana making a presentation on the role of districts in this strategy.
According to the new approach, districts will have the role of planning for VTCs including infrastructure development, accreditation of schools, although the final decision on regulation remains with WDA.
District directors of education also request that an organized handover be made on schools transferred to them, with proper guidance on existing procedures and brief on challenges they need to deal with.
Presentation on monitoring Staff by Ann Abakunzi, Deputy Director General/Corporate services.
Ann Abakunzi, WDA’s Deputy director General in charge of corporate affairs stressed the importance of monitoring both administrative and teaching staff. This, she said involves rightful procedures in recruitment process, attendance, working on performance contracts, staff appraisals, skills upgrade and promotions.
Distribution of documents including basic information on VTCs

Minister Rwamukwaya added that another meeting is planned with heads of schools at provincial level to further elaborate more on management of schools by districts.

As a strategy to implement this new development, WDA has started the process of transferring payment of salaries for VTCs to respective districts.