WDA and RP debut eLearning during RTTI Lead Trainers’ selection course

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) together with Rwanda Polytechnic (RP) have unveiled the eLearning platform meant for Technical Vocation Education and Trainings (TVET) trainers.

Starting on Wednesday July 18, within Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute over 150 teachers have started undertaking the online examination, the window that will also serve in the eLearning.

“I am excited, because teachers will foster their pedagogical capacity in TVET to be able to train,  to mentor and coach others TVET teachers at district levels, “said Ramos Maria Bernadette Senior TVET Specialist at TVET technical Assistance Pool Fund.

According to the coordination team, Rwanda Polytechnic sent an invitation to all school for their trainer to apply to become the RTTI Lead Trainer and 666 submitted complete required documents out 861 applied for RTTI Leader Trainer and have sitting for examination for proper selection of Lead Trainer.

Coordination indicate that the examination results on should be out by next week on July 23.

Government of Rwanda through the ministry of education, Workforce Development Authority and Rwanda Polytechnic aims to providing high quality Technical Vocation Education and Training (TVET) to its citizen to ensure the achievement of national development goals formulated in the vision 2020.

Based on the Education Sector Strategic Plan (ESSP), which is the overall strategic document for the education sector, including the TVET sub-sector, the Rwandan TVET sector prioritized the integration and utilization of the competency-based training and assessment (CGT/CBA) into TVET.

According to the Workforce Management, besides to the TVET courses, the RTTI Leader Trainers will also focus on the ICT and English to have communal enlightening on the ICT and enhanced English assistances.

“I expect to acquire some pedagogical skills through the programme, and once I make to the training, it will help me to increase my foot print as fall as the TVET skills are concerned,” said Mugisha, one of participant.

Last April, Rwanda TVET Trainer Institute has been inaugurated to develop competency-based training and assessment pedagogical capacity of TVET trainers and to mentor and coach them.

In particular, RTTI has a plan to train more than 1, 600 TVET trainers within the fiscal year 2018/19 through the support by TVET Technical Assistance Pooled Fund (TVET TAPF).

With a strategic cascade approach, RTTI plans to capacitate at least 205 RTTI Trainers, equivalent to five RTTI lead trainers within every district, to train 1, 600 TVET trainers at RTTI and 27 RTTI district satellite Centers.