WDA bid farewell to Rubagumya, the elected MP

In the ceremony that took place at Workforce Development Authority (WDA) Office, the members of board of directors together with the officials have thrown a farewell party to one of their team Emma RUBAGUMYA who was elected as a member of parliament in the fourth parliament.
In his remarks the chairman of the board Mr.John Bideri hailed the commitment, initiative and courage that has branded Emma Rubagumya during her services as the vice chairperson of board of directors within WDA, and asked her to go on with the same commitment, initiative and courage in her new duties and responsibilities.
Different members have hailed the good deeds of Mrs Rubagumya in the whole time they spent together they have said that they have learnt many different things from her in alleviation and promoting the Technical Vocational and Education Trainings (TVET).
The WDA officials along with board of directors, constituted by Jonhs Bonds Bideri, the chairman, Etienne Ntagwirumugara, Alexis Nsengumuremyi, Molly Rwigamba, and Liliane Sandra Kente hailed Mrs Rubagumya’s hardworking and integrity.
“I saw Emma as my role model who is very wise and composed. I will always learnt from her and I wish success in her new work,” said Beatrice Mutoni a WDA official.
Emma RUBAGUMYA thanked the team as she acclaimed the level TVET has achieved and appreciated the good initiative of the board of directors, their commitment in promoting and developing TVET in Rwanda.

She has however assured her support and voicing up the need for the vibrant TVET sector.