WDA to embark on 2018 TVET schools Audit

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has to embark on the 2018 Quality Audit throughout the countrywide Technical Vocational and Education Training (TVET) schools to ensure their conformance.

Under the National Strategy for Transformation1 (NST) that outlines the overall mid-term development strategy of Rwanda, government through WDA has been equipping Rwandans with competent and skills with quality standards of living in a stable and secure society.

In the line with the TVET Quality Management System, WDA through the technical and financial supports by TVET Technical Assistance Pooled Fund (TVET TAPF) plans to implement the Quality Audit 2018.

According to the WDA management, the Quality Audit 2018 shall be conducted based on the pre-defined TVET Quality Standards to all TVET institutions. The results of Quality Audit 2018 shall be basis for accreditation and quality assurance activities.

“This year’s quality audit meant for regulating, guide and encourage TVET institutions to improve their TVET quality,” officials said. Adding that the quality Audit 2018 has objectives on accreditation, including re-accreditation for new TVET courses-programs and Rwanda TVET Quality Framework level and initial accreditation, which requires a completed-based audit.

The month-long audit from October 08, until November 09, will see all existing TVET private and public institutions totaling to 331Institutions audited; 16 Polytechnics and 315 TVET Schools.

In order to achieve the purpose, Quality Audit functions, not only, to monitor and evaluate TVET delivery, but also to regulate and guide to improve the quality of TVET institutions. Thus, the Quality Audit 2018 will monitor and evaluate TVET quality objectively, categorize TVET institutions to encourage and guide to improve TVET quality among others.

With a clear mandate to regulate quality Competence Based Teaching and /Competence Based Assessment in TVET delivery, has initiated TVET Quality Management System since July 2018.

Under the 2018 Quality Audit, the TVET schools will be categorize as Accredited or Not Accredited based on TVET inputs, while others will be accredited as pass or fail” based on TVET process on Excellent, Good, Moderate, Poor and Very poor” separately based on each TVET inputs and process.

 The TVET Quality Management System is a holistic process organized, implemented, coordinated, harmonized and supervised by WDA to regulate and improve TVET quality in public and private TVET institutions.

This has objectives to regulate both inputs and process in TVET to develop competent graduates. To do so, this system was initiated under the Quality Standards, Quality Audit, and Accreditation and Quality Assurance components.

Quality Audit is methodical examination of TVET institution quality to assure conformance to the TVET Quality Standards. In other words, Quality Audit is rigorous study and survey to inspect TVET institutions against predefined Quality Standards.