WDA Handover the VTCs to Districts

Workforce Development Authority (WDA) has kicked off the handing over exercises of the former Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) to districts within the Northern Province, where the handover ceremony has yesterday presided over by the executive secretary of the Northern Province.
In his remarks the executive secretary of the Northern Province urged the districts to looking after the schools and advancing them.
“These schools that you are given today , I want you to take care of them and develop them more so that, WDA will not regret why it has given them to you” Paul Jabo, the Northern Province executive secretary told vice mayors during the ceremony.
District officials with Exective secretary of Northen province
Under the ongoing process, the Workforce Development Authority will hand over all the VTC schools to the districts management.

The Director General of WDA said that they have offered to hand the VTCs to districts so that the districts may follow up them day to day as they follow up on the other schools.

“We will continue to work together to promote these TVET schools since we are aware the needs of the costly equipment of these schools  compare to those of general education schools. “said Gasana.

He added that even though they handed over to them they will continue to support them as it is in their responsibility.